There are many ways you can volunteer. First and foremost, we are working on a campaign video with the slogan, “All Lives Matter. Period”. I personally believe in this. Your life matters. Period. It doesn’t matter your background or your culture. If you are a legal United States citizen, please feel free to send a short video script of you saying, “My Life Matters” to

I am looking for a diverse group of volunteers. It does not matter if you are:

  1. African American
  2. American
  3. Asian
  4. Indonesian
  5. Firefighter (Volunteer or Paid)
  6. Police Officer (Ethical or Not)
  7. Politician (Crooked or Honest)
  8. Business Person
  9. Male
  10. Female
  11. Or any of the other 35 genders
  12. Corporate Executive making billions of dollars and evading taxes
  13. Etc.

Regardless of your race, gender, culture, ethics, morals, career choice, etc., I believe, YOUR LIFE MATTERS. PERIOD. Please send me a video of yourself saying, “My Life Matters” to

Take note: I do not condone “illegal” immigrants, but I have no problem with legal immigrants. I prefer to only use videos from people who reside in the United States LEGALLY to align with my beliefs.

If you are here illegally, I get that! You probably came here in search of a better life. Let’s work at making your visit to the United States a legal permanent residency.