Did you know?

Anyone can get opioids without limitation, as much as they want? They don’t even have to pay for it (if they have insurance).

I have seen this first hand and have knowledge about this. An acquaintance of mine (who became addicted to drugs, partially due to the ease of obtaining them) would go to the hospital, fake being in pain to get a prescription for pain meds. If her hospital of choice didn’t prescribe controlled pain meds, she’d just go to another hospital until she could get some. At one point, she got 15 prescriptions for pain meds in one month.

Key takeaway: The opioids epidemic is the government’s fault. They CHOOSE to allow this.


This is not a promise, but rather, a promise to “do my best” to pass Congress, both for budgeting and legislature.

A system will be setup for all controlled substances and narcotics whereas all pharmacies and medical practictioners have to report prescribed and picked up controlled substances and narcotics. If someone “hospital jumps”, the system will red flag the request for controlled substances and narcotics. The medical practitioner will still be allowed to prescribe further medications, but will be held liable in the case of over medicating.

In the case of hospital jumpers, a referral to rehabilitation, pain management, and other specialty providers as needed will be provided to patients upon medical practitioner’s discretion. If a hospital or medical facility fails to provide adequate referrals to red flagged patients, the medical facility will be fined. The system will notify medical practitioners of suggested referrals based on each patient’s profile.